Tindakan Innovations

We are a solution in revitalizing agricultural communities growing ecologically sound crops like hemp, fungi, pollinating plants and flowers and local food systems while providing an education and career building platform and an efficient seed-to-sales approach.

Furthermore, it was vital to us to infuse the triple bottom line into the foundation of the company's operations, practices and principles.

At Tindakan Innovations, a direct connection and responsibility to the land come first and foremost. With a commitment to regenerative ecology as our central operating principle, we have created a very particular niche for ourselves. We focus on building and maintaining relationships with landholders, family farms and an array of diverse community stakeholders.

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Consumers are looking for products that are more eco-friendly from companies with more enviro-sustainable operations. Investors are compelling corporations to become more eco-socially conscious, demanding they not only be profitable, but also reduce their negative environmental footprint. We look at how societal shifts have come about from groundswells of diverse yet unified energy... A coming together of all walks of life to manifest enduring and powerful movements.


Quality starts at the source. Our farm partners located throughout the state(s) are committed to growing only the highest quality industrial hemp. Hemp is an incredibly diverse and versatile plant that includes over 100 different phenotypes.


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Hemp products

Bulk Flower, Cannabidiol (CBD), Terpenes, Full-Spectrum Extract and more.


Hemp Hurd and Hemp Fiber


We are constantly thinking of creative solutions to advance sustainable farming and business practices.


We partner with leaders in processing, manufaturing, farming, genetics research and government agencies nationally and globaly.


If you're not sure how to begin in the hemp industry, we can help guide you. Whether you want to tranistion to hemp farming or start your products, Tindakan Innovations can be your guide.